Digital Twin-Enabled Manufacturing Services

With the rapid advancement of cyber-physical systems, Digital Twin (DT) is gaining ever-increasing attention owing to its great capabilities to realize Industry 4.0. Enterprises from different fields are taking advantage of its capabilities to simulate high-fidelity manufacturing conditions and perform intelligent decision-making in a model-based manner, where a cost-effective solution can be readily delivered to meet individual stakeholder demands. As a hot topic, many approaches have been designed and implemented to date in manufacturing sector, throughout the engineering product lifecycle management.

DT-Enabled Smart Training System

Funded Projects

  • 11/2019 – 10/2022 ‘A Tri-Model-based Digital Twin Development in Smart Manufacturing Environment’ (1-BE2X), Start-up Fund by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK$500,000, PI
  • 09/2020 – 08/2024 ‘A cyber system for sustainable design by using evolutionary algorithms for eco-innovation’ (AiDLab-RP2-2), AIR@InnoHK Project by Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), ~HK$2.5 Million, Co-I
  • 09/2022 – 08/2024 ‘Cognitive digital twin-based machining system for smart precision manufacturing‘, State Key Laboratory of Ultra-Precision Machining Technology (SKL-UMT), HK$400,000, PI