RAIDS Roadmap
RAIDS Team hosted the 2023 NSFC-RGC Conference on Frontiers of Industrial Big Data and Intelligent Systems

RAIDS Team has hosted the 2023 NSFC-RGC Conference on Frontiers of Industrial Big Data and Intelligent Systems in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR, China with more than 200 participants worldwide. More informaiton can be found via:

Congratulations to Dr. LIU Tianyuan for publishing two papers in top-tier journals

Tianyuan has published two papers: • Liu, T.+, Zheng, H., Zheng, P.*, Bao, J., Wang, J., Liu, X., Yang C. (2023) An expert knowledge-empowered CNN approach for welding radiographic image recognition. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 56, 101963. • Liu, T.+, Zheng, P.*, Bao, J., Chen, H. A state-of-the-art survey of welding radiographic image analysis: Challenges,…Read More

RAIDS student team’s achievement was reported by THE Campus (Times Higher Education)

More information can be read via:

Congratulations to RAIDS students for publishing 8 top-tier journals in between Jan. 2023 to Mar. 2023.

• Dong, K.^, Wang, Y., Wang, Z., Qiu, W., Zheng, P., & Xiong, Y. (2023). Reusability and energy absorption behavior of 4D printed continuous fiber-reinforced auxetic composite structures. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 169, 107529. • Liu, S.+, Bao, J., & Zheng, P.* (2023). A review of digital twin-driven machining: From…Read More

Welcome Mr. WAN Ke (Mphil Student) on board!

Ke graduated from Nanjing University, and currently enrolled as a Mphil student in the RAIDS team.

RAIDS Student Team Achievements reported by Excel x Impact Magazine

RAIDS Student Team won Gold and Grand Awards in the 2022 Hong Kong ICT Awards (Student Innovation Track)

2022 Hong Kong ICT Awards:

Congratulations to Ms. Hin-Chi Kwok and Mr. Chengxi Li for winning HKIE CA Paper Award!

Ms. Kwok Hin-Chi, Mr. Li Chengxi and Dr. Pai Zheng from the Research Group of AI for Industrial Digital Servitization (RAIDS) have won the 2022 Champion Award (Bachelor/Sub-degree Level) of Paper Competition, organized by the Control Automation & Instrumentation Division of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). Their winning paper is…Read More

Congratulations to Junming for the first paper accepted in IROS!

Junming’s paper on “A Multi-Granularity Scene Segmentation Network for Human-Robot Collaboration Environment Perception” has been accepted by IROS 2022. Well done!

Welcome Mr. Jing Tao on board!

Welcome Tao’s join to RAIDS! Tao receives his Master’s Degree from North Western Polytechnical University, and is currently acting as a Research Associate in the MHKJFS project.

Congratulations to RAIDS members for winning the Second Prize of 8th HKUSIEC.

Congratulations to Chengxi Li, Shufei Li, Junming Fan, Chin-Lok Tseng, Hin-Chi Kwok for winning the Second Prize of Entrepreneurship Proposal Track in the The 8th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Related link:

Congratulations to Mr. Yat-Ming Pang for winning Microfund!

Congratulations to Yat-Ming! As one of RAIDS members, he has successfully won the microfund by PolyU.

Congratulations to Bufan for his newly accepted journal paper in IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics

We are delighted to know that Bufan’s work on “An Adaptive Parallel Feature Learning and Hybrid Feature Fusion-Based Deep Learning Approach for Machining Condition Monitoring” has been accepted in the IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (Top, IF: 11.448).

Dr. Pai Zheng has been elected as the Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Member of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE)

Dr. Pai Zheng has been elected as the Chartered Engineer (CEng) under the Washington Accord, and Member of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) in the Manufacturing, Industrial and Systems Discipline.

Congratulations to Dr. Zheng for receiving the recognition of “Top 50 Global AI+X Chinese Young Scholars” by Baidu

Top 50 Global AI+X Chinese Young Scholars by Baidu (Smart Manufacturing, Human-Robot Collaboration, Engineering Informatics): (in Chinese) Media report by ISE:

Congratulations to Liqiao’s successful PhD confirmation!

Congratulations to Mr. Liqiao Xia for passing his Ph.D. confirmation with a high standard!

Dr. Zheng has been awarded the University’s Endowed Young Scholar

Dr. ZHENG Pai has been awarded the Wong Tit Shing Young Scholar in Smart Robotics under the University’s Endowed Young Scholars Scheme (THE HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY) from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2025. Link: