Congratulations To RAIDS Team for Publishing 4 Top-Tier Journals In Between April. 2023 To June. 2023!

  • Liu, S.+, Zheng, P.*, Xia, L.^, & Bao, J. A dynamic updating method of digital twin knowledge model based on fused memorizing-forgetting model. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 2023, 57, 102115.


  • Xiao, C.+, Zheng, P.*. Integrated system-level prognosis for hybrid systems subjected to multiple intermittent faults. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 2023, 238, 109401. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 2023, 232: 109068.


  • Pang, J.+, Zheng, P. *, Li, S.^, Liu, S.+ A verification-oriented and part-focused assembly monitoring system based on multi-layered digital twin. Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 2023, 68, 477-492.


  • Fan, J.^, Zheng, P.*, Lee, C.K.M. A Vision-based Human Digital Twin Modelling Approach for Adaptive Human-Robot Collaboration. Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2023,1-11.