Congratulations To RAIDS Team for Publishing 4 Top-Tier Journals In Between October. 2023 To December. 2023!

  • Xia, L.^, Li, C. ^, Zhang, C., Liu, S., & Zheng, P.*. (2024). Leveraging error-assisted fine-tuning large language models for manufacturing excellence. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 88, 102728.
  • Li, S.^, You, Y., Zheng, P, Wang, Xi Vincent, Wang, L.”Mutual-Cognition for Proactive Human-Robot Collaboration: A Mixed Reality-enabled Visual Reasoning-based Method.” IISE Transactions (2024): 1-17.


  • Shang, S.^, Wang, C., Liang, X., Cheung, C. F.*, & Zheng, P. Surface Roughness Prediction in Ultra-Precision Milling: An Extreme Learning Machine Method with Data Fusion. Micromachines, 2023, 14(11), 2016.


  • Wang, T.^, Zheng, P.*, Li, S.^, and Wang, L. “Multimodal Human–Robot Interaction for Human‐Centric Smart Manufacturing: A Survey.” Advanced Intelligent Systems (2023): 2300359.