Congratulations To RAIDS Team for Publishing 4 Top-Tier Journals In Between July. 2023 To September. 2023!

  • Yin, Y.^, Zheng, P.*, Li, C.^, Cong, J.+, & Pang, Y. M. An empirical study of an MR-enhanced kinematic prototyping approach for articulated products. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 2023, 58, 102203.


  • Xia,L.^, Zheng, P.*, Li J, et al. Histogram-Based Gradient Boosting Tree: A Federated Learning Approach for Collaborative Fault Diagnosis[J]. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2023.



  • Liu,S. +, Zheng, P.*, Bao J. Digital Twin-based manufacturing system: a survey based on a novel reference model[J]. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 2023: 1-30.