Research Opennings

RAIDS are open to young talents who are keen to conduct PhD study or research activities as RA/Postdoc/Visiting Scholar in the relevant topics.

We seek students with good academic background in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Control and Automation, or Mechanical Engineering. Our research requires excellent mathematical, programming and analytic skills.

Every year, mass email enquiries are received. Please understand ONLY applicants with exceptional academic potential and fits with our positions will be contacted.


PhD Scholarships:

  • PolyU Postgraduate Scholarship/TPS: (deadline: early December each year)
  • Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS): (deadline: end of October each year)
  • Dual PhD Degree Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology: (2 rounds/year)
  • Unified PhD Scholarship Framework:UPSF


Postdoctoral Fellowship:

  • Postdoc Matching Fund Scheme: (>4 first-authored JCR Q1 journal publications, 2 years)
  • GBA Startup Postdoc Programme: (early June each year)
  • RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme: (deadline: end of October each year)


Visiting Student/Scholar Scholarships:

  • Joint Supervision Scheme with Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan student: (deadline: early November each year)
  • Research Student Attachment Scheme: (4 rounds/year)
  • Hong Kong Scholars Program (not available)




If you are interested and eligible, please send your CV, publication list, awards, and relevant materials to Dr. Pai Zheng: [email protected].